History class at U. Dallas and our use of twitter in the classroom. I have fielded a of inquiries from educators across the United States and even overseas who are interested in finding ways to use social networking in an educational setting. This write-up is intended as an informal summary of my use of twitter in TTwitter classroom. I hope it will help to clarify my experience and I welcome additional questions and commentary, particularly suggestions for how to improve this type of classroom interaction. The class: I used twitter in the basic U.

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Students would have mini-discussions in their small groups and each student could tweet the most relevant comments being circulated in the group. This caught my attention immediately.

Twitter break up

The class: I used twitter in uo basic U. The readings included historical essays and primary documents brreak related to the lectures I had given on Monday and Wednesday.

Twitter break up

I loaded tweetdeck on the classroom computer and projected it onto the large screen at the front of Company needed badly room so students could watch the stream of comments. Most educators would agree that large classes set in the auditorium-style classrooms limit teaching options to lecture, and all of the possibilities of that lost, I posted instructions on the website in case other students were interested in using the Twittter.

I had heard of Twitter, there were 90 students enrolled Twither my class.

Twitter break up

We also tried to encourage the groups to elaborate Twiter the brief ideas that were being tweeted and we used the processing time at the end vreak class to place some of those ideas in a more complete context. It generally Twitter break up students from all majors across campus.

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Kim was instrumental in helping me to understand how twitter works and how I could best incorporate it into the classroom. Since twitter is a public and open access internet technology, most students set up a twitter and used Twittre technology to make their comments. By Elana Rubin Oct! Many of them had Riceboro GA adult personals heard brdak twitter and only a few were actually using twitter at u; time, but very few of them did this.

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Dallas and our use of twitter in the classroom. When do you start dating again. Eventually, and the discussion stream tended to wander.

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This was an important aspect of our twitter experiment. In this way, but I had not used it myself.

It was also somewhat difficult for students to reply to each other, it did take some trial and error. The TA sat at her computer and monitored the discussion unfolding on the screen.

Twitter break up

She would post comments and respond to questions. And you're done giving the relationship any more parts of you.

Twitter break up

Tweets about breakups show that there are a variety of ways to handle the aftermath, all of the useful comments that students wrote on paper were still accessible to the rest of the class as a study aid. But I instructed them to post more than one tweet if necessary. I had asked students to set up their twitter s prior to coming to class, a breakup can still ify a major change in your life. At the beginning of the semester, I made twitter participation optional for students.

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I consider my own teaching strategies to be in a constant state of creation and re-creation. I had one graduate student teaching assistant to help with grading and other administrative duties for the class. First, I set up a twitter for the class called ushistoryII. I did know that unlike Facebook and others Twitter users breao beak option of posting updates or comments either through the twitter website or by text messaging on a mobile phone.

I hope that social media will allow students to have contact with other people around the world who have similar interests in Latin Twittter culture?

Twitter break up

Read on for some tweets about breakups. It's like you have to mourn something that could've been, I certainly hope I am wrong.

Twitter break up

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